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How do I know my loved one needs assisted living?

This is a very individual concern as care can range from simply meals, transportation, social interaction and then into higher levels of care: requiring physical assistance, medicine management, bladder and bowel incontinence management, up to severe Dementia and Alzheimer's needs. Knowing your choices is critical. Being proactive in your investigation is key.

How do I convince my loved one it is time to consider change?

Generally encouragement of family or doctors will suffice, many times it takes an accident or illness for this to come to the light of day. One of the best ways to ease into this is to consider what is called a “respite stay, “ a short term stay of less than 60 days. In some cases, as little as one week, may be acceptable. It is a great way to get a sense of the community or the home. Generally, this works very well, most folks realize the initial perception was incorrect and actually get a sense of how much assistance they really need.

How will we pay for this?

Families may privately pay and be personally responsible for cost. Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care. As a general rule, it only pays for hospital stay or rehabilitation in a skilled nursing community or home health care. In some cases State Medicaid (ALTCS) may apply. Veterans Benefits may also be applicable to offset care cost. Long Term Care insurance, if they are fortunate enough to have it. You may wish to visit with a financial planner to further explore.

What cost is covered?

Typically, medications, personal care products, are not included in your monthly rate of care services. Transportation may or may not be included, each community or individual care home will have its own policy.

What will this cost?

In Tucson it is reasonable to expect a range as follows:

  • Independent/Retirement Living Communities: $1400-$3500 (2nd Person fee will apply for couples)
  • Assisted Living: $1850- $6000, charges are based on care level required, the more care, the greater the charges.
  • Memory Care Secure Community: $3200-$5000
  • Residential Care Home: $1800-$4800 rates may vary for a semi-private room or a private suite.  Level of care is always a consideration.

Who provides the care?

In an Independent Living arrangement, you may use the additional services of onsite contracted services, or consider hiring your own Care Providers from an In Home care service agency on an hourly basis. If you are residing in an Assisted Living Community or a Memory/Alzheimer’s community, the care should be provided.

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