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"Working with you from out of state was a breeze, I can't believe how much was accomplished upon my visit to Tucson. The fact that we located a place and moved mom in within two days was amazing! Thanks so much."

Kerry A

"Your care, understanding, and patience was most appreciated, this was one of the most difficult things I have faced, convincing my parents it was time for a change, but with your help we did it. Our sincere gratitude."

Helen H

"Not only did we find a great place to live using your expertise, we are now aware, how we are going to pay for the assistance we will need. Thanks for educating us about the VA benefits that are out there. We could not have done this without you."

Ann P.

"Your insight and experience were so very helpful, we had been vacillating for months on this and you have always been patient and I think looking out for our best interest. Our hope is this may be the year we finally get this done with your help."

Barbara K





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